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Computer Lab Agenda beginning March 12, 2002


Please complete the following activities in the order in which they are presented in this agenda.

1. Play The Road to Revolution Game - some of the questions will require a guess since we were not able to view the Liberty movie. Other questions will address things we have studied in our unit. Simply read each question and answer. If you are wrong, you may click BACK to go back to the question and answer it again. If you are correct, click CONTINUE. Use your headphones - there are sound effects!


2. Complete the New Nation Internet Scavenger Hunt at our site or our mirror site - I would like you to practice POQuIA technique for this activity - Part of Question in Answer. You do not have to make your answers long, but I would like them in complete sentences. A good idea (if you use the second site listed) is to open up a new window so the old window has the questions showing at all times. This will allow you to switch back and forth rather than use the BACK button. If you use the first site listed (our mirror site), you do not have to open a new window, as each link you click will open in a new window on its own.



3. Next, take a Historic Philadelphia Tour by visiting the following sites:

The Liberty Bell

Independence Hall

Old City Hall

Congress Hall

Betsy Ross House

First Bank of the United States

City Tavern

Carpenter's Hall

Library Hall

Declaration House