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A simple click will take you to the activities we will be completing this year. Students, if you are working from home, make sure you bookmark this page!

Social Studies      

Map Skills Challenge

Crisscrossing the Country

Learn About Famous Places #1     

Learn About Famous Places #2  


  Language Arts     
  Poetry Scavenger Hunt

English Hunt

Spelling Hunt

Language Arts Internet Hunt

Reading Internet Hunt

Authors and Poets Activity

Ben and Me Scavenger Hunt

Children's Literature Hunt

Folktales Scavenger Hunt

Meet the Authors Hunt

Online Stories Hunt


Caldecott Award Winners




  Explorer Research Project Information

A Christopher Columbus Web Hunt

Columbus Day Hunt

A Royal Charter

A Pilgrimage into History 

Jamestown Hunt #1

Jamestown Hunt #2

Jamestown Hunt #3

Story of the Pilgrims

Pilgrims Come to America

Colonial Children

Old Sturbridge Village 

Thirteen Original Colonies 

Colonial and Revolutionary Americans

Revolutionary War Internet Scavenger Hunt

Our Changing American Flag

Revolutionary Road Maps

George Washington

A New Nation Hunt

Freedom Documents

3 Branches of Government

A Bill of Rights WebQuest

Pioneer Life Web Center

Lewis and Clark

A Nation Divided

Civil War Generals

Civil War Camp Life

Civil War Hunt

Underground Railroad




Web Weather Webquest

Weather Webquest

A Wild Weather Webquest

What is Weather?

The Wind


Just the Right Planet Search

Planetary Webquest

Exploring the Universe


Planet Scavenger Hunts:

     Earth         Jupiter
     Mars          Mercury
     Neptune    Pluto
     Saturn       The Sun
     Uranus      Venus

Asteroids and Comets

Rocks and Minerals

How Rocks are Formed


Volcano Scavenger Hunt

Will that Volcano Spoil our Party?




  Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Thanksgiving Trivia Hunt

December Holidays Hunt

New Year's Day Hunt

Martin Luther King Scavenger Hunt

Groundhog Day Hunt

Black History Scavenger Hunt

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

President's Day Hunt

St. Patrick's Day Hunt

Exploring the Internet Scavenger Hunt